Pricing for Finished Projects

I am going to open a etsy crochet shop soon but idk how much to price my items. I have heard a lot of materials + time and such but how do you know how much yarn a project takes unless it takes a full skein of yarn? I charged a commisioned item once $27 for [one skein of yarn + (3.5 hrs of work X $3)]

But idk if im overpricing or underpricing.

Im not super slow or super fast at crocheting so what are your pricing tips?


okay, so as far as pricing for the yarn part goes, weigh your project! usually a yarn skein will tell you how many grams of yarn are in each skien, and you can do some quick math to figure out how much you used.
also, $3 an hour is way to little! 7.25 is the national minimum wage in the us, dont underprice yourself! (i struggle w this too, dw)
remember, if people arent willing to pay higher prices, they arent your ideal client.
hope this helps!


I want to do that to! But I have the same problem…


Definitely sounds like you’re underpricing haha.
Try to charge at least $8 an hour because hand-making things is a lot of work!
I charge $10-12 depending on the project.
People will pay extra for handmade things; you just have to find your audience!
Also, when it comes to commissions it’s generally a pretty good idea to add an additional charge because they tend to take more work.
As for yarn, you can weigh your skein before and after, or you can weigh your finished product
Good luck with your Etsy shop!!