Hi, I released my first pattern that won’t be free. I set a price but when i saw the pattern in the part of the app that you buy patterns in the price was higher than I set it for, it doesnt say what the currency is when in the pricing section.

Can anyone help, im new to pricing and am not sure all the steps that go into it and I couldnt find anything about it in the FAQ.



You can change your currency.
Go to the help center and search “currency”


I had that too. I posted it for 3:50, adn it put it at 4.77! But when I looked at it again, it was 3.50


You set your shop’s currency when connecting your Stripe account on your shop manager.

If you haven’t changed it, it’s USD by default.

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Im pretty sure i set it to cad when i connected it and when I looked at a cad to usd converter it didnt convert to what it was changed to on the app so it doesnt look like it was usd to cad that it was converted.

I messaged ribblr like that says to and they made sure my shop is in CAD but the price is still different than when i see it listed in the search part it is still different even though that says the price is in CAD

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Hmm yeah I don’t know then

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Just checked your shop - your patterns is priced at 4.25 ($CAD).

If you see a different price it might be that your shop is set to CAD but your account is set to something else. Simply scroll all the way down to the footer and select your location and currency.

Anytime i have purchased apattern it has been in CAD as well which is why im confused why it is says C$5.86 in my search section.
I tried to scroll like you suggested but i dont see a footer to select currency and location, maybe im just not seeing it.

We’ll escalate it now so our engineers can check this for you!

I was helped in a private message from @Ribblr thank you

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