problem with amigurumi colour change...

when I crochet amigurumi, I work it so the inside of the amigurumi is facing me. when I change colours in amigurumi, the ‘good side’ of the colour change is in the inside of the amigurumi, while the ‘messy side’ is on the outside of the amigurumi. How do I fix this??


Just make sure you turn it inside out in your first couple of rows, sometimes it can flip inside out on you. Im not sure how thats happening when color changing. But the best way to color change to me, is finishing the last crochet with the new color


Keep it on the ‘messy’ side Don’t turn you work inside out until you start decreasing. So that way the yarn end is in the inside. If you have further questions let me know, I will do my best to help. :smile:

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sorry, i didnt really understand! could you pls explain some more? I dont turn my work inside out, sorry idk how to explain, but here is what i mean (my POV):


How do you change colors? Do you work with the right side facing you? (The right side is a personal choice and just means the side the final product will be facing in the end)

i work with the ‘insides’ facing me (picture above), and i do the thing where you have two loops on your hook, anbd then you pull the new colour through to complete the sc!

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I know you say inside so does that means you’ll flip it inside out at the end since the inside is meant to be inside? From the looks of it you have the right side facing you unless you intend to flip it inside out in which case the wrong side is facing you. Do you happen to have a photo of what the color change looks like?

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I think you’ll have to work with the right side out (whichever side you want facing you on the finished piece), to begin with. Then all the messiness from colour changes will be hidden, assuming that you’re working in the round.

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do you know how I can change the way i crochet (from wrong side out to right side out) in the middle of the project? I dont want to frog all my work :,)

You could chain 1 and turn, that will change which side is facing out going forwards. You will however end up with several rows of stitches with the wrong side facing out for the rows that you have previously worked, so the section you have already done will look different to the rest going forwards.

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