Project didn’t turn out well - possible yarn tension issues?

I tried to make a patchwork granny square cardigan recently and it didn’t work very well.

The squares seemed kind of flimsy and when I put them together the whole thing sort of stretched out and warped under the weight of itself, especially around the shoulder area and sleeves. I was going to add ribbing to the sleeves but they’re already stretched way too long, and it feels flimsy yet heavy to wear.

I’m a little disappointed because it’s my first big project and I spent a lot of time working on it.

Does anyone have an idea of what went wrong and how to prevent this in the future? My hypothesis is that I had the yarn tensioned too loosely.

This is what it looks like (I didn’t bother weaving in the ends)


Could be tension, have you blocked it yet? Perhaps it’ll feel and look a bit better after a wash and blocking? I personally love the pulled look to my sweaters. But I think it looks great!


Did you do a guage swatch to make sure the needle called for gives the right guage? I’m a knitter and I discovered quickly that I knit a little looser with the needle size called for in the patterns for the guage, So just go down a size on my needles so my stitch is a little tighter. Check your guage before you get too discouraged, it’s more important in fitted clothing.


Since you’ve not yet weaved in the end I’m going to assume that you’ve not yet blocked it, in which case from the stretched out look of the stitches the tension was off and/or the yarn you used has stretch to it that wasn’t accounted for.

Doing a swatch for clothing is a big need to do each time. Simply because no two designers crochet at the exact same tension and their pattern is based on their individual crocheting style/tension.

Good luck!


It looks to be a tension problem. I would size down your hook size by a mm or 1.5 if you are going for a tighter look. Your sewing could also be stretching out the granny squares, causing them to look more rectangular. But, with a smaller hook size, your granny squares will be more resilient to stretching. Blocking your squares before sewing would also make a big difference. If you want to help clean up the edging- ribbing would help if you have the time in your hands. Ribbing makes every project look better!


Thank you for all the suggestions, I’ll keep these things in mind for future projects as well. It might still be salvageable but if not that’s okay because it was still a learning experience.