(it’s really badly written but it’s better than having a breakdown :sparkles::sparkles:)
we were sitting, staring at the stars silently as the golden wheat swaying gently in the breeze. Not too strong, not too weak, it just felt… Perfect. Like you.
I stayed quiet for a bit before looking over to you, unsure if you were awake
“Hey bunny?”
He looked over at me before looking back up at the stars
“Yeah Dove? What is it?”
I sniffed,pinching my nose bridge to keep from tearing up. I’ve always gotten overly emotional at times it’s not needed
“You won’t leave me, right? I know it’s a stupid question, but I just have a weird feeling”
“Course not silly, what got yourself to that conclusion?”
“Hell, I don’t… I don’t know.”
He sat up straight, pulling me up with him and wrapping me in a tight hug
“Look, dove? I’ll never leave you, never abandon you, anything. I promise”
I buried my head into his shoulder, nodding slightly
“Thanks bun”
You called me ridiculous, of course you wouldn’t leave me! You said, no, you promised you’d stay by my side as I would yours, and that we’d be together safely one day.
It’s only been a month yet you broke that promise, the plans we made, everything. You… You did the one thing you said you wouldn’t, how can I trust promises after this? this wasn’t the first time, yet it felt worse than the others. maybe it’s just wintertime, but I didnt want fall to pass </3


I’m so sorry :people_hugging:


That’s rough, hope you’re doing okay.


I’m sorry hun​:people_hugging:


Corvidddd :sob::people_hugging:I’m so sorry <33 We’re here for you always :cookie:


Im so sorry cloudy </3 :people_hugging: