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Hi! It’s my very first day here so I’ve just uploaded one of my free patterns to get a feel for the site! I am preparing to release a pattern collection this weekend. There are 4 patterns, they will be available individually and as a bundle for an overall discount on my other platforms.

Is there a way to create pattern bundles or e-books on Ribblr?


Hi Liz!
Welcome to the Ribblr community, and congratulation on your first pattern on Ribblr!! :purple_heart:

Regarding creating a pattern bundle, this is something that we currently don’t have, but it’s something we’re looking to add to Ribblr in the future.
What you can do, is create 1 pattern and put all 4 designs in it, and since we have a ‘Go To’ table of content in Ribblr ePattern, your customers will be able to jump between the different sections of the 4 patterns.
Hope that made sense!

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I have this same question, because I have seven projects (patterns) that all come from one square motif that you build on. Entering the seven patterns took a lot of time (charts, pictures, various instructions) and I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to copy each pattern into one main pattern with all seven projects in it?

The patterns are Cornerstone Square patterns in my shop. I have patterns for a cardigan, a pullover, a hat, a scarf, a dishcloth, a potholder, and a blanket. I would LOVE not to have to manually enter all seven of those into one big ebook/pattern/collection.

Thanks for any help you can give!


Being able to create some sort of bundle is definitely on our list of features to introduce, although we can’t give you a specific timeframe just yet.
So far, designer who offer bundles on Ribblr do tend to make one long pattern with the different items. We’ll keep you posted once we can share more information though!

Thank you for the feedback :purple_heart:

OOh, yes I would also love to utilize an option for selling patterns in a bundle.

I hope this feature is added soon.

Have a creative Day,
Kim (Affordably Crafty)

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