Pullover pattern free for followers

Edit Thanks to a lovely Ribblr user I discovered an error in the stated gauge which came through from a typo in the magazine publication. This problem is now fixes, and the gauge on the pattern is now correct

This was the first pattern I wrote for a magazine. I’ve been busy this year once I discovered writing for magazines, and written 11 so far, but that means my poor Ribblr and ravelry shops have been much neglected.
it’s still free to view on the magazine web site if you don’t mind pop ups asking you to buy a subscription, so I decided to put it here free as well. It’s for subscribers only, though. So subscribe to my shop if you want to see lots more tech edited, quality patterns.
The first person to complete a public journal of the pattern can also pick any other pattern from my shop - just send me a message saying which pattern you want and I’ll gift it.

The sample in the photo was created and modeled by Mary Beth McCall.

Happy crocheting



Thanks for taking the time to think of us Ribblrs! I haven’t made myself a sweater yet because I hadn’t found a pattern that’s close to my style.

Congratulations! I hope to make one soon!


It’s gorgeous! And I’m mad at myself that I wasn’t already following (I should have after those foooties), that’s rectified!
Thanks for the freebie!


Very pretty! Love the color changes, congrats on your pattern release :smile:


That’s very nice! (both the pattern and of you) Thank you for sharing :smiling_face:
And congratulations on being published so many times!

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Making your own, in your own style so it’s unique and fits perfectly really is the best. What kind of style do you go for!

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Thanks for giving us the chance to fully customize our Henley sweaters :heart: something that we can’t otherwise do!

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aww how beautiful!! congrats on the release!! <3

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Sent you a reply on your message, let me know if that fixes things.

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