Question about base patterns

Hey guys, I wanted to pop in and ask how everyone feels about base patterns? I make these alternative bunnies, but they’re all unique, how do you think people would react if I posted how to make the bunny base, then left it up to the crocheter to decide face, accessories, etc.

For reference this is the gingerbread version I made, it’s using the same base but with a collar, buttons and embroidered face. But I also make ones with button eyes, no mouth, ribbons, etc. So it’s really up to the creator.

Any input?


Imo, I love base patterns. Theyre great!


That sounds like a great idea, maybe include a few face designs with the base for inspo?


Sounds like a good idea I love base patterns and having some steps on how to do some of the details would also be nice as well that way the crafter could just pick and choose whatever details they want to add and have the option of knowing how to do those details when they want is definitely a plus :smile: