Question about the 2x patterns

When I did the Spinner today I got 2x patterns twice, but I have only been allowed to collect 5 patterns today. Is it a glitch?


this happened to me as well! i was only able to collect 7

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I’ll take the extra 3 from you lol

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It’s just odd. I thought I would have at least been able to get more than the five I should get for the day.


Please note - you will receive 10 however it’s per 24 hours.

This means if you’ve taken 5 patterns at 9pm, then won 2x at 10am, you will only be able to get 5 pattens until 9pm (as opposed to none otherwise).

Hope that makes sense!


Oh yes. I had gotten 4 at roughly 1p yesterday and I collected 1 at around 7am and the other 4 around 3p today. It won’t allow me to collect anymore. Maybe something was just a miss today. Thank you for the reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I appreciate the clarification.