Question befor releasing testercall

Hi everyone, I made a pattern for a gliding frog, based on the gliding frog animation from abi.toads on Instagram but I haven’t tested the pattern myself. Would you still be interested in testing it, or should I wait till I have tested the pattern?


Preferably tester calls should be posted after the designer (you) has tried making it at least once, there’s lots of mistakes you can catch while trying to make it yourself that can be fixed then and there, testers test to see if the pattern works up as it’s written and if the way you wrote it makes sense. It’s hard to do that if there’s no photo of the product they’re testing


You should definitely make the pattern yourself first! Like @ArtsAndNaps said you can catch a lot of mistakes yourself before you have your testers do it! And this way you can decide if this is the design that you were going for and change it if need be!

Designers usually do their due diligence to the tester ls beforehand by making the pattern first and making sure its possible to make. I personally believe that designers shouldn’t really expect the testers to be the first to make the pattern.


Okay thank you, I was just wondering.
I did that with my other patterns, but I was just very excited to start the testing process for this one. And I don’t have time yet to make it myself. But I’ll make it myself first


I get it! I have a few patterns I’m working on and I’m so excited to see other test it!


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