Question for sellers

Have you guys finished setting up your stripe accounts? I’m a bit nervous to fully fill mine out since it asks for a lot of private data like my SSN and tax info numbers. I am very unfamiliar with all of it and can’t find much info.

I’d love to hear from people who sell their patterns and what the process was like setting up a shop and receiving payments


Your information is safe and stripe is trustworthy, I’m not sure exactly what info your asking for but if you elaborate I can let you know!


I’m sure it’s safe but I’m still nervous lol. I’m only 19 and I did my taxes for the first time ever last week so I’m super new to this type of stuff. I’m used to hiding my SSN from the world so I’m quite weary.

Does stripe ever take money from your bank account? I think that’s my biggest concern




Totally understand your concerns.

Stripe is one of the world’s leading payment processing companies trusted by the likes of ASOS, Amazon and Google.

When you sign up they are legally required to verify your identity and the documents they require depend on your government’s regulatory requirements. So it changes depending on your location.

You can always reach out to Stripe’s support for further clarification if needed.

Also make sure you select an individual account if you do not have a registered business.

Hope that addresses your concerns!