Question of the 1!

Hello hello!

Im honor of the new year of 2024, and trying to keep things positive this year, I’m going to do a question a day for a whole year…starting on new years!

I have been finding myself to stray away from ribblr, which is a bad habit because it’s a platform that I can really grow on! This will help me prevent that mistake lol


Q: What is an outdoor activity people find surprising that you like?

A: I really tend to like hiking, although I have what I like to call Jelly Ankles, and so it’s hard for me to go on rugged hiking trails without feeling like I will roll my ankle the wrong way. I live in a very mountainous area and so I just bought hiking shoes that were rather expensive…but I know will save my ankles in the long run lol

What about you? I would love to hear your answers below! :point_down:t2:


Ive always enjoyed camping with my family but im basically the only camper in my class and they think its weird and would much rather sit inside on their phones lol


haha! People do tend to be like that these days lol, and yeah! I have never been camping before, but I love anything relating to nature and the outdoors, so I’m sure it would be fun for me to do sometime!


All the stuff I like to do people think it really fits with my personality, so I don’t really know :sweat_smile:


haha thats understandable! A lot of things are accepted by most people these days, which is good!


So many people are surprised when they find out I like camping because I don’t look like an outdoors person? :sob: