Question of the Day - December 30

Good morning! Today’s question is:
What is one important lesson you’ve learned this year?
Here we go:
Hold on to your real friends, because in the end all of the people you thought were your “friends” will show their true self and leave.
How about you?
Shout out to @artmintae


Definitely that your actions have consequences. I now truly know the meaning of that.


That Gods timing is perfect​:heart:


Get your shit together? Idk


this was way too funny :skull:


you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.


God always sees your worth, even when you don’t see it yourself.


Be careful with what you say. Sometimes even the smallest comment you give someone they will have depression over it. I have done it to almost everyone I know and have had it done to myself. Words are powerful and almost completely define a person.
I’m sorry @SweetTomato, my irl friend, cause I feel like I do it to you most :sob:. I love you, bestie 🩷🩷


dude why is this my life​:skull:


This year has been VERY interesting for me​:joy:I think on of the most important things I learned is that you should never subdue or change yourself to fit someones expectations of a person who doesnt exist. The only thing we DONT have in this world is you, so why would you want to be anyone different??!! I know its cringe, but I live down south​:cowboy_hat_face:, so no one really tells you that​:joy:Anyone who doesnt appreciate you as you are isnt worth it​:woman_shrugging:
Also dont apply for 700 tests at the same time. never ends well​:saluting_face:
Stay safe yall, happy new year!!:purple_heart::tada:


I love you too :face_holding_back_tears: and ik you aren’t trying to be rude


reallll :skull:


this is so true! i cant stress that enough either


I guess the lesson ive learned this year is so similar to yours Abby,

theres so many bad people out there that you think will be there for you for a while, or consider themselves your friend, but just completely leave you, or backstab/hurt you. be careful with who you surround yourself with, and who you let in your inner circle.

trust should be built and earned, not just given out.

i really learned that with bad friendships/relationships this year, and its so important.

but i also learned that there are some amazing people out there, and you just need to keep your eyes open for them. it can take time, but its taken me years to find/discover true, pure friends and friendships that i have now. im sure it’ll still be that way years into the future, but theres people in my life that i cant imagine not having anymore.

they made the last half of 2023 a crazy and memorable few months, and i totally cannot thank them or the universe enough for that. im forever grateful.

also to ribblr, and everyone here who has been so kind and welcoming, starting my journey here, and now im past 4.6k followers, (I MEAN THATS INSANE- THANK YOU SO MUCH)

all the people that arent even going to see this, but im putting it out anyways

thank you all so so much. i love you all dearly and i cherish everything and every memory we’ve ever had together!

(sorry for the long read! if you made it to the end, thanks for reading!)

happy 2024!!