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Do you bring your hobby with you to work or school?

When I know I am going to have slow day I will bring yarn with me, so I don’t get bored


Yes always!! Especially if I’m taking the train or bus instead of driving - I like having something to do to keep me busy :yarn:


I bring my yarns to school when I can or feel like it. I mainly won’t because I don’t have a lot of time during classes to bring it, but I will if I’m staying after with my knitting friend or when I have my after school crochet and knit club.


sometimes I’ll bring yarn to crochet something during class if I get bored


Absolutely! Especially on road trips if it’s level enough to not get motion sick. My wife does most of the driving anyways so I can crochet or knit. When I’m in teleconferences or training classes simple stitching helps me stay focused.


I bring it where I can! Its definitely an anxiety reducer for me, so I LOVE it. Plus, it helps kill a lot of time.

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No because i cant

I don’t. Too worried that I’d leave it behind on the light rail train

i always bring crochet to school, everyone in my classes always knows my current project

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