I cant be the only one who when going places will shove as much yarn into my bag as possible. Like going to school I have a whole basically unused skein of yarn in my bag! So am I the only one?


Well sometimes I bring some yarn when I know that I’m going to wait for smth AND when I know the pattern bc we can’t use our phones at school and if we use them then the teachers take them and our parents need to go get them


I bring a something I’m working on and then I’ll get worried that I might want to start something else and by the end I’ve got four different skeins in my bag and no plans for them haha

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Nope i bring my yarn everywhere :sweat_smile:

I do this too. It drives the family nuts lol

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I did this on my 5hr flight…but I ended up sleeping the whole flight :joy::joy: my husband laughed at me the entire trip


I always bring yarn to school, especially because i have a student aid hour and during advisory i can crochet when i finish my work.

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Nope, I bring my yarn everywhere and the book I currently reading :tipping_hand_woman: :yarn: :open_book:

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