Questioning you ✨cuz I want to✨ 4/10

I missed a couple days so two questions today

  1. If you had to choose between a cat or a dog what one would you choose?
  • dog for me :sparkles:
  1. What hobby did you have before you started crocheting and did you stop doing that hobby or do you still do it?
  • sewing (stopped)
  1. Definitely dogs although cats can be cute too
  2. I used to knit, but i only knew the basics and now im learning more and practicing more often

Umm I would be a dog but rn I’m reading warriors so now I’m kinda leaning to the cat side and I also started sewing but stopped


Well, cats rule!

I’ve had two many negative paired associations ( psychology term) with dogs. Rage is now my first response when I see small dogs.

I did genealogy research , scrapbooking, reading, journaling.

The only thing I kept, well kinda- I “read” books by listening to them while I crochet, and I still journal- not as much.


Dog I have a miniature schnauzer.

I did product reviews. I still do it but not as much.


You would hate my dog then


Probably, not my fault, too many people saying “Aw, my bunny boo boo wouldn’t bite anyone” and proceeds to bite you. Who’s the dumb one? The dog or the owner.m?

In any case:

I will warn the owner- if the dog charges me I will kick it.
I usually just go to the other side of the street.


I love cats :heart:( but dogs are cute)
I used to do martial arts, but i had to stop due to health reasons :sob:


I chose 5 cats, go big or go home lol
I was/am/will probably always be a gamer but crochet is a nice break from screens

  1. Its a tough call, I’ve never had a cat but they’re so cute! Dogs I know better, so I’m not really sure. Probably dogs??
  2. I have. a lot. I learned knitting first and still occasionally do that, sewing too. I also make bracelets (alphas and normal) and I don’t do it as much but I do make some sometimes. Cross stitch and embroidery I’ve mostly dropped (though I wasn’t the best at embroidery) but I plan to do more with that in the future! I also sometimes make beaded necklaces, but I think I started that after crochet. I also have a bunch of non-crafting hobbies like gaming and reading!!

you shouldn’t be the one dealing with it if it did come over, though. it’d be the owners responsibility. if they were responsible they’d have it on a lead. surely a small dog would be easy to deal with though. probably no need for kicking :sweat_smile:


and all dogs aren’t like that :sweat_smile: if you’ve been attacked before/had a bad experience, you’d probably hate them. but you can’t let your bad experience determine what you think about dogs. there are nice ones out there believe it or not. it can be good to change a mindset sometimes @anoswaldoddity

  1. Cat personally

  2. I used to make cotton potholders on those square metal looms with the wire hooks (stopped bc that’s what got me started on crochet lol)

  1. I would love a dog. Grew up with them my whole life. I miss my little pound puppy Snax.
  2. I have loads of hobbies that I still do just not as frequent as crochet. I sew minimally because I don’t have a sewing machine but I need to get one because my kids want to learn. I draw and paint. My daughter and I love getting the little figures and such from Joann’s or Michael’s to paint.

1: I like both but probably a cat
2: I did sewing and drawing which i still do but i don’t really sew as much as i used to

  1. Obviously a dog. I love dogs. :dog:
  2. Reading. I read a lot, but have less time for it now because of crochet. :books:
  1. cats definitely!
  2. I still do draw but not as much as I crochet

Oh, it’s more complex than just “changing my mind” because of what called classical conditioning in psychology in which a neutral stimulus is paired with an emotion.
So, you remember what a dog looks like because memory is stored in the hippocampus. Most memories are benign and do not elicit strong emotion upon contact with whatever.
Here, though because of fear trauma or high levels of anxiety ( with a dog)! Those emotions get paired upon contact with a dog ( sight, smell, hearing, etc)
And it is now automatic and beyond the control of the cerebrum which is where our higher levels of thinking are. The cerebrum can over ride, and does, over ride the lower brain all the time.

But in the case of a negative paired association , it acts as a reflex… It has acted before you even realized what you have done.
I realize this about myself, and take responsibility to warn others to keep the dog away from me.,

I don’t have a problem with big dogs, except German Shepherds, Dobermans And those from the wolf hound family.


Dogs, áñḏ ig I used to make comics but I still do it