quick announcement

hello guys! i do not appreciate people modifying my patterns! please only follow the pattern and don’t make other animals/changes to any of my patterns, as this causes me to loose profit off my other patterns!

i’m going to go add this information to each of my ribblr patterns so they will be unavailable for a bit—

also don’t use my patterns for reference to freehand anything as you would be copying my designs!


ugh some people dont appreciate ur work


I don’t make amigurumi, but I usually modify every pattern I make at this point. Most experienced with crochet and knit do, to make it work with their style, preference, or needs. (The exception to this is during testing as the designer needs feedback on what they created not what I’d create with their pattern)


I’m honestly a little confused… did someone tell you they were using your patterns as reference for their own shop?


I modify patterns all the time but there’s nothing wrong with it. And I never take the credit for designing it even if I modified it.


guys please note this is nothing personal, i just don’t really appreciate huge modifications to the designs i make, e.g. using the koya to make another animal, or making a different character with the hello kitty pouch, because if i release other patterns, people can just modify the ones they already have to look like the ones that they have to buy.

like say if i were to release a cooky (bt21) pattern, and it would have to be purchased, i wouldn’t want someone to just add some modifications to the koya one to make it into cooky.


Sadly, there’s not much to be done about it; as @OBabyNMore said, most people change patterns to their own preference.

What most designers do with patterns that are similar to each other is that they add something extra (or quite a bit extra) or change something that makes the pattern unique enough that others can’t take one pattern and make it into the other one that they have on sale, not without a bit of thinking.

Without that, there’s not really much you can do to prevent people from making one of your patterns look like one of your other patterns, or people changing them to their own.

That said, if they’ve actually copied your pattern word for word and publish it, you can do something about it because it’s your copyright.

I wish you the best of luck with your announcement and changes though!


I didn’t take your original personal, I just wanted to let you know that it is not something that you can control. Unfortunately, someone trying to reverse engineer your pattern using the picture is also not something you can control. As a designer, I understand the frustration, but you don’t have a monopoly on designs. As @MakesbyMalin said, you can only control if someone copies your pattern word for word and offers it as their own (free or paid).


that’s true! i understand that i just want to tell people that it’s something that i don’t appreciate.


Have you paid Sanrio licencing fees to use their IP?


i have emailed them and i am waiting for them to get back to me!

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Just to add, they cannot use your photos and claim them as their own. Your photos are protected by copyright as well

That said I rarely work a pattern exactly as written. I don’t then try to claim my version as my own original design though


I understand the pattern maker’s wishes are important, and i wouldnt modify your patterns cus i respect your choice. i just want to share my opinion

I personally dont see a problem with mods unless people sell the moded pattern or product. If its for personal use then why not. Even if its a paid pattern. the way i see it is that people pay for instructions, and if they dont need to be instructed then why buy it.

im making a mosaic pattern and i wasnt sure if i should sell it; i feel like you can recreate it from the photo. i decided why not sell. If someone needs the pattern then they can pay me, if they dont, then they can just look at it and make it. As long as they dont sell it, i dont mind (also id love for people to send me pics even if they didnt buy the pattern). Id obviously prefer to be paid, but i understand that not everyone can afford stuff, and i cant control what they make anyways.