Quick Knitting Question!

I’m currently working on my first knit sweater, as a beginner. My pattern had me knit 54 stitches, place and marker then finish the row. Now I purl to the stitch marker, turn, knit 1 and knit 2 together.
My question is: when I purl to the marker, am I purling the marked stitch as well OR am I purling the stitch before the marker and then doing the knit 1 on the actual marked stitch?

I’m sorry if this is a super obvious question :sweat_smile:


@Lakeviewknitter might be able to clarify this for you :blush:


Normally, you would just purl up to the marker but not past it before turning, knitting 1, and knit 2 together.

What are the complete instructions for that row? What’s the construction of the sweater? Top-down, bottom-up, in one piece or are the back, fronts, and sleeves knit separately and sewn together? What area are you working on? I can give you a much better answer if I know more. :blush: