Quick Photography Question

Hey guys! I’m currently working on creating my own pattern, but my photo quality is TERRIBLE. I’m just wondering has anyone ever had testers submit their photos to include with the pattern? I really wanna include photos with the pattern, as I find it makes it easier to follow, but I want them to be better quality than what I can get.

Thanks in advance!


You can have testers create a journal for your pattern. They upload progress photos and I believe their journals become public once you publish the pattern. (:


You could definitely ask the testers to give you extra photos! Just make sure you make that clear to them as an expectation :]


check with your testers! some might not want their photos used as a cover photo, but others would definitely be fine with it so i’d say just ask (:


I use my smart phone or iPad for my photos. Use good lighting. The best lighting is outside in daylight. I also use PhotoRoom to take out backgrounds. My photos aren’t professional by any means and photoshop can also help.


depends what the pattern is I can test and take pictures

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