Quick question about a pattern!

I’m new to crochet and I’m using a pattern on here and it has step 8 as Sc, step 9 as Sc, but they don’t have stich counts at the end of the row like, for example, step 7 is Sc (36). Does this mean that for steps 8 and 9 I would just do 1 Sc and then 1 Sc after that and then go to the next step? Or does it mean that I do a whole row of Sc, so 36 Sc in the row for both steps 8 and 9?


Usually if all rounds have a count and then you encounter one without they just want you to keep the same count for that round… So
Round 7, 8 and 9 should all have lets say 36sc each. If anything you can see what round 10 tells you, and if that doesnt help, you can always contact the designer! :heart:

Hope this helps!


@CraftsByAdrivs is correct. If there is no stitch count, then the next line of instruction will be the same as above
If the designer specified it as a repeat in the program, these will also be blue within the program