Rain's Lilypad!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say something real quick about my shop, Rain’s Lilypad.
I am currently making a whole bunch of new patterns to be posted, including:

A leggy frog and a big leggy frog
Mini bees
And small octopi!

If you have any other ideas, comment them! I’d love to try to design some new things! If you have anything summer related or fall related, I also plan on doing seasonal things!


Your shop doesn’t appear on your profile, logging out and then back in should fix it :smile: I also added the tags need-ideas and self-promo :smile: as for some ideas since it’s summer perhaps an animal in a one of those tube floaties? I forget what they’re called lol :joy: the circle thing that people have around them in water


For fall, you can start working on some leaves and mushrooms! Maybe even a log fire if you’re feeling really ambitious! :grin:
And for summer my mind always goes to the beach, so like a beach ball, a little bucket and shovel, a sandcastle! The sky’s the limit!!


Thank you!