Random Act of Kindness Day (Feb. 17)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well. I want to let you know that Random Act of Kindness Day is tomorrow (February 17) :revolving_hearts:. I’m not sure how many crochet patterns I can gift to some of my favorite crocheters on Ribblr. Feel free to gift me any patterns from my wishlist since my parents won’t let me buy patterns online. I am currently focusing on school right now, so I don’t have any new crochet patterns yet. Here’s my favorite project I worked on last month. The leggy froggys pattern is by @knotjadedco (@Jadrian).
Leggy Froggy


LEGGY FROGGIES!!! if i had more money i would. Happy Random Act of Kindness Day! :green_heart: :frog:
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leggy frogs :fearful: :frog: :frog:
so very cute , hope everyone has a good random act of kindness day


Good Morning!
Random Act of Kindness


Tag some Ribbkr members today and tell them what you like about them or something they helped you with.

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Okay, I’ll start.

To @anoswaldoddity: for always sharing entertaining memes and inspirational notes with us.

Also @DasChubba @Mentaldee @Lefthandstitches @ArtsAndNaps @tabithaamber @Mommigurumi @HookedByMarilyn @OBabyNMore and once again @anoswaldoddity, for being so helpful coming up with suggestions for traveling.


Aww hugs! One of my favorite things about Ribblr is the helpful community :grin::black_heart:


Thank you for the mention and for starting the thread :blush: I have another trip coming up soon so it was very helpful for me too.


Such a grateful person. Enjoy our cat reels conversations! :cat2:

Very thoughtful and perceptive person. Thanks for being a source of comfort. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For hosting CALs for free or low cost. A lot of work!

For being the steady one, perceptive and sweet woman. :honey_pot:

@Wanda1224 and @Wendywo745
Both have a great sense of humor. Miss bantering with you guys. But, you know…. Life. :ring_buoy:

For being funny and hosting WIP Wednesday consistently​:crazy_face:


I think that she has a great sense of humor. It’s dry but I think that’s even funnier! She’s almost always in Ribblr and you can always count on her to share her vast wealth of knowledge. :books:

For being an awesome sounding board. :heart:

@ArtsAndNaps @Alyphira @CraftsByAdrivs
For their participation in the community and for being an encouraging person especially to new people. :smiley:

You can count on her to explain something to you step by step and with screenshots too! I think she can see projects in her mind, rotate them, and propose solutions. (I do Not have that ability at all!) she also has a great sense of humor.
Thanks for all our wonderful chats, laughter, and Neko! :scream_cat:

I love Winter’s dark sense of humor. They always have an encouraging word and has helped me solved some problems as well as come up with crochet ideas. I have some of their work and I tell ya they practiced ALOT to achieve that skill level! Winter is also a brave soul for sharing mental health struggles.
Thanks for all our wonderful chats and laughter! :black_heart:

For being an awesome sounding board. :heart:

So sweet. Love all our chats about you know who! :latin_cross:

Thank you for laughing at all my jokes and reels! :joy_cat:


Tgank you so much :green_heart:


Aww thanks :black_heart:

@anoswaldoddity is someone I like to think about as a friend. I enjoy our long, deep conversations. Always giving me food for thought, always appreciate her compassion and her patience with my neurodivergent brain :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@xhunni is a very productive designer. Always has the most adorable patterns and is always ready to lend a helping hand. I appreciate you very much :blush:

@grannyroomcrafts always knows the answer to any question we might possibly have :wink: a great source of fiber arts knowledge.

I forget all of the people I wanna tag, but so many of you are amazing :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


so much love in this
I want to thank @anoswaldoddity for always being willing to listen to my thoughts and tell me the unvarnished truth
@Wendywo745 @OBabyNMore @Lefthandstitches @PleiadesCrochet and @CraftsByAdrivs for being testing superstars
and a special thanks to @Lefthandstitches for making sure my directions are clear enough for a differently-abled crocheter to use and adapt
and even though @Winternightmare has never tested for me, they have always taken the time to complement my work.
to anyone else that has helped me, thank you, you have all been a part of this, and what makes this group special
to anyone that I have helped, thank you for reaching out. If those of us in the older generations do not share what we know, it will eventually be lost, and I was happy to do it.


Busted out laughing “the unvarnished truth”!


Aw, so sweet. Thank you.

(Finally found the black one)! :black_heart:


I always love a good joke :wink:
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Thank you so much for letting me test for you and thinking about those of us who work differently than most. I appreciate all the tips you’ve given along the way for tests and in the main threads. Your patterns really are gorgeous too!
Also, thank you everyone for making this such a great platform. All of you are kind, friendly and helpful. Ribblr has become my favorite!


Awhh thanks a lot :purple_heart:

I really enjoy the fun chats as well and Neko is best emote ever in the server
(also I’m glad the solutions sometimes are helpful)


This is a wonderful idea! Thank you guys for the mentions :heart:

I want to thank @anoswaldoddity for making my day with dad jokes and daily memes. Also for been super kind to me and having my back with mutual opinions im to shy to mention for myself lol

@grannyroomcrafts for encouraging me to do garments and grow on my crochet skills!

@xhunni for being one of my best friends in this platform and being there for me!

This goes along with a huge hug and thanks to the rest of the community for making my time here amazing. Everyone is extremely kind and helpful 100% of the time, and i have learned a lot from all of you - honest personal growth in the craft by allowing me to test and read what you all have to say :heart:




Love you bunches!
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