I’m doing a long project. I used to be able to do up to six rows a day, but lately I can’t do more than a couple stitches before the strain on my thumb and wrist starts messing up my tension and my bones make some concerning noises. If you use compression gloves, what brands would you recommend?

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i suggest taking a break for a few days, your hands need to rest. also make sure to do stretches <3

unfortunately i dont have any compression glove recommendations. I’ve tried using them before and they always caused me more pain, so sadly they dont work for me lol.

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Try a wrist stabilizer if pain is in the wrist area or shooting up your arm, a thumb stabilizer if pain in thumb/ thenar pad area ( l added article)
If all over pain, use Voltaren gel ( generic Wal mart works fine)

If area is swollen use ice packs. Otherwise use heat

Do all this WHIlLE you’re resting your hand/wrist.

4 Tips for Thenar Muscle Pain Relief – Urban Health HQ.