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Hi, a wee thing that I found. I have to login several times during the day. It seems that the login doesn’t last unless we’re on the page. I mostly use my phone browser. Will it last longer in the future?


This shouldn’t happen.
Can you kindly share the device and browser that you’re using?

Also, do you know if your browser is set to block cookies?

I use a Huawei p8 lite 2017. I’m on chrome. I don’t think I have set up to block cookies.

Thanks for that. We only use a type of cookie that keeps you logged in but does not invade your privacy.
Unfortunately, every device/browser behaves a little bit differently. Some, for example, will delete cache every time you exit the browser and therefore will get you logged out.
Can you try to clear your chrome cache manually and see if that helps? If you go to your phone’s settings, then select chrome you should have an option to clear cache. Make sure you do not clear data but only cache.

I clear chrome cache regularly (lack of space on my phone). Could that be why? I stay logged in so long as I use it. If I leave (but Leo the page open on my browser), that’s when it logs me off after a while. Maybe it’s because of my phone.

That’s very possible. Clearing cache normally gets rid of cookies and also phones tend to delete certain data when there isn’t enough space.
Can you check on a different device perhaps?

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I will when I can. I use my phone mostly as its easier than a laptop. I don’t have many spoons. Not to worry though. I’ll log in when I need to. :blush:

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We definitely want you to be able to craft easily on any device. Checking it on a different device is just a step to help us solve this issue for you so you can use Ribblr on your phone without having to log in that often.
Also, just to let you know - we are working on an app :slight_smile:

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I will check when I can. I’m not well enough today.

No problem. You can update us at anytime. Hope you feel better!

I have heyday found this post and thought I would add that I too my phone to access the site most of the time and I too use chrome and I too get logged out all the time.

I don’t have any cookies blocked or anything. And have plenty of other sites that stay logged in, but for some reason ribblr doesn’t. :frowning:

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Thanks. Ribblr only uses one type of cookie which doesn’t invade your privacy but should keep you logged in.
Can you share the device you’re using and the chrome version if you know? Also, do you know exactly when you get logged out? Is it when the phone is locked, on low power mode or literally every time you navigate out of chrome?