Removing tags when searching for pattern

Hi, hope everyone is well! I don’t know if anyone else has this issue but when I go to search for patterns and use tags if I remove a tag(s) the patterns disappear here’s some screenshots, I had both the Crochet and Toys tag and when I removed one or both tags patterns won’t appear

For reference I’m on the app, mobile and Android, that’s it hopefully everyone stays safe and hydrated :smile: until next time


Hmm I haven’t searched for patterns like this yet. Let me try real quick and see if this is also happening with me. (For reference I have an iPad mini 6th gen, and the app) Edit: I don’t have this issue at all. I tried the same labels crochet and toy took one off and it still showed patterns and not what it’s telling you.


As we can’t reproduce that as well, any clues? :thinking:
Anything else is clicked? Any special sequence?
Avi @Tech Team


Hmm, the order I do it in it Crochet then Toys then remove Toys and it shows that I remove crochet and it still shows that, let me see if it also messes up with other tags

I think I figured out how to recreate it! I put the tags, click any pattern, backed out, and go to remove the tag(s) then the “no results…” Shows up this also happens when I click their shop name and back out and remove tags

Tried this with different tags like just knitting or sewing and it happened again for both


Wow, what an excellent catch. Thank you for that :purple_heart:
Fixed. Glad to have your feedback.
Avi @ Teach Team

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