Reply not quite right

So, minor thing, but I’m noticing that when I reply to a specific reply it’s not showing as a reply to it, but instead a “general” reply to the whole topic… It’s not the end of the world obviously, but sometimes having the reference of why I am saying something makes more sense… I hope this makes sense haha


It does make sense.


Yay! Thanks for easing my mind… My cognitive thought and ability to put my thoughts into words is getting so bad, and this last week it has been exceptionally bad

Also yay for the ability to undo a deleted reply, as my daughter just caused me to delete this, but I got it back!


This doesn’t always show, specifically it should show if you click ‘reply’ to a specific post and there’s a bunch of posts in the middle of those.

Hope that helps!


Totally makes sense, and it happens to me as well. All the time. I see lots of people’s posts where it looks like they’re replying to a specific person, but that person’s icon doesn’t show up in the comment.


Thanks! At least I know I’m not going crazy…
Personally, I think it should be shown, even if it’s the very next reply


I agree

Edit: Just like this comment. I clicked on the reply to @OBabyNMore, but your icon is not showing up as if I replied to you. And it’s the very next comment, nothing in between.


And this is the main reply to the whole thread. Should be different.


Yep! I agree, that’s why I add the person I’m replying to.


Yup. Noticed that too


Sorry, doesn’t make sense to me.
If I click the reply button on a person’s comment, then there should be an icon. And that way the person gets a notification.

I recently do not get the reply notifications for many comments, and I only know a person did reply to me when I go check the comments manually.

Not a good way to keep communication up.


Yes, this is what’s happening with me too. I’ve been noticing it a lot the last week. I’m not getting notified of comments.


It doesn’t work that way. :speech_balloon:
If you click ‘reply’ next to someone’s post, they would get notified. For example you should get notified about this reply, unless you changed your notification settings. If you don’t - do let us know!

To further clarify the question in this topic -
You can always reply and tag people (and quote them - even better) using the general reply button.
However, when you reply directly to someone using the reply button in their own post then a clickable avatar might show.
If you reply directly to a post you would see an indication as you type the reply, for example:

It’s important to mention the intended purpose of the avatar is to show the original post the reply is intended for. So when you click it the reply pops-up.
With that in mind, if you reply directly to someone and your post is right underneath theirs, the clickable avatar would not show as there is no need to double show the same post.

For example, @CraftsbyNicB’s recent post has the clickable avatar showing our previous post as it was further up. But @Wendywo745’s post right above us was a direct reply to @CraftsbyNicB’s post so no clickable avatar is showing.

Lastly- if you want to address a specific part of a post the right way to do so would be to quote it. You can mark text then click quote.

There are no current plans on changing our reply system so we hope that clears any confusion! We’re always here if you need further guidance on how to best use the community tools :raised_hands:


Ah, thanks.

So, if I don’t get notifications for replies to my comments, then people may have replied wrong?

I know for sure that I have replied to a few of @saar ’s comments directly and the little icon didn’t show. But that may have been the ‘next’ reply thing.

I will keep an eye on it and come back here with screenshots and links if it happens again. :blush:.

At least now I understand how it works.

Thank you!

(Question would be, did this reply show as a comment/post reply in your notifications? :blush:)
Eta: I just got a reply without the icon and it showed in my notifications.


I was wondering the same thing. Haha I’m so glad someone else asked


I got how it works now, just gonna keep an eye on those notifications :blush: