resize Pattern Is there such a thing?

I made the Bunny Peep by Jamie Lyn Art in ribblr. I’m impressed with her pattern writing skills.
This pattern would be an excellent choice for someone beginning crochet.
Changing subject, but does anyone know of a program where you can take the pattern’s data, input it, and it will spit out a pattern just in a bigger size?
I’m not a good judge of spatial perception so I thought this bunny was bigger than it is.
I’d like to make it again but way bigger.


I’m not sure about any programs that would help increases sizes, but what I usually do is use a bigger yarn to get bigger final project :heart:

And sometimes you can adjust patterns yourself when it’s basic shapes, for example with a ball, because it follows a kinda pattern/symmetry where you can easily add inc and dec rounds


I could be wrong but it looks like 2 flat things and stitched together

If you don’t have bigger yarn I’d recommend something like this:

Like blue being row with increase, pink a row with decrease and yellow extra row

(I’m not the best with drawing over pictures but the changes are supposed to be at the widest points)

Like for example if the pattern goes up to (3sc, inc) then add (4sc, inc) but then you’d also need to add a (4sc, dec) to make sure the pattern still works. Or if the patters just adds increases at the ends/sides, then make another row with that increasing, and a row with decreasing (think kinda symmetrical with it)

The yellow in between the increases and decreases I’m not 100% sure about, just depends on if the pattern uses a normal row in between. And for the ears you might need to add multiple extra rows until you’re happy with the proportions

I hope this wasn’t too confusing :heart:


No, that actually makes sense and you did it without the use of some math formula which would have made me run away.:running_woman:t3::running_woman:t3::running_woman:t3::running_woman:t3::running_woman:t3::running_woman:t3::running_woman:t3:


@anoswaldoddity great job, this is cute.


I actually do know of a program, you say the size you want the finished product to be and it spits out the number of stitches to start with!
I found it the other day when I’d forgotten my ruler and wanted to start a new project in the car :speak_no_evil::joy:

Unfortunately Ribblr won’t let me paste the link here, but it’s on stardustgoldcrochet (.com) under ‘Crochet Stitch Calculator’

Hope that helps! :blush::yarn:


Wow! Ima gonna check that out!