Ribblr 0.95 - a new update is out!

Ribblr 0.95 - a new update is out now! (full list below)

We hope you love the new features! As always - we welcome your feedback and support :purple_heart:


What’s new? (click to jump to section)


All users can now invite friends to have early access to Ribblr. To send invitations click ‘Invite Friends’ on your personal menu.

Interactive charts (NEW!)

Another robust addition to Ribbuild and Ribblr ePattern. Introducing: interactive charts. Designers: add built-in charts directly to lines in your pattern with Knitting and Crochet symbols and colors. Crafters: use interactive charts inside the pattern and mark your progress - synced across all of your devices!

Media icon (NEW!)

Ribbuild’s media icon just got upgraded. A simple button to rule them all. Click the media icon to add pretty much all types of media to your pattern.

‘My Patterns’ counter (NEW!)

You will now see a number indication to show you how many patterns you have in your library!

Product page trending stats (NEW!)

You will now be able to see how many crafters have added a pattern to their wishlist!

Ribblr’s logos for your website (NEW!)

Need a logo for your website? We’ve got you covered. Head to the ‘About’ page and download our logos, available in PNG and SVG.

Improved accessibility

Theme will now automatically apply throughout the entire platform based on your system’s theme preference. That means automatic dark mode for those who need/want it. You can now also click on any picture in a pattern you acquired to zoom in.
Other accessibility tools you might find helpful: enlarging font size, force dark mode, reduce motion, and left-hand mode.

General improvements and bug fixes

  • FAQ, and our manuals & tours got updated with new information
  • Additional abbreviations and stitch video tutorial added
  • You can now click to zoom in on any picture in Ribblr ePattern
  • Photos and other media will now float next to the relevant line in Ribbuild
  • Fixed: a bug in Safari that prevents some users from editing row/rnd number in Ribbuild
  • Fixed: a bug when some photo formats wouldn’t upload correctly in Ribbuild
  • Fixed: a bug when uploaded audio clips wouldn’t show in a pattern

It would be great for non designers to be able to use the chart making software so we could design our own.


Hi Lucy and welcome!
If you want to design your own patterns then we can convert your account to a designer’s account :slight_smile:

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Ooh yes please! :joy:

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@Luxii done! You should now be able to add patterns, and design charts too :slight_smile:

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Thank you!


Does it update automatically or do I need to do something to update it?


Hi, everything updates automatically on all your devices & on the app. You don’t have to take any action :slight_smile:
This one was the last update before our launch, since then we’ve released two major updates. We tend to release a new update with features, improvements and bug fixes every 4-8 weeks.