Ribblr of the week: say hi to Ashlee (@theDreamCrochet) ๐Ÿ…

Hi Ribblrs!
Continuing with our new tradition - each week we feature a member of our community, so we can all get to know each other a little better :purple_heart:

Say hello to Ashlee (@TheDreamCrochet), the designer behind The Dream Crochet!
Scroll down to read more about Ashlee and comment below to show your love or ask questions!

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Hey Ashlee! Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi! Iโ€™m Ashlee. A lover of arts & crafts and a true admirer the world of creating. Also, very much a collector of yarn! :sweat_smile:

What is your favorite type of craft and why?
Crocheting is one of my favorites, primarily for the opportunity to physically create as well as construct the ideas that dwell in mind.

When did you start crafting and how?
I actually started crafting over ten years ago, prior starting College during a family craft night where I was first introduced to it!

What was the most recent project you worked on?
Iโ€™m currently working on a handful of graphic crochet sweaters!

Which of your designs you are most proud of?
Primarily my granny square projects and the most recent would be my color blocked designs.

What is your favorite feature on Ribblr?
My favorite feature on Ribblr is the Discover section where you can find personalized pattern recommendations!

Finally, any favorite song, book or movie you would like to recommend?
Yes! Lord of the Rings- I absolutely love a fantasy based books! Currently, Iโ€™m loving Rina Sawayamaโ€™s album!

Ashlee has so many beautiful designs! Which one is your favorite? :yarn:


@TheDreamCrochet is an awesome and talented person :clap: and sheโ€™s been with us since the very early days of our beta!
Thanks for sharing, itโ€™s truly great to learn more about you Ashlee! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great to meet you Ashlee. Absolutely love your designs and your creative photography!


I love the graphic sweaters. I mainly knit, but I have fallen in love with the 80s and 90s cartoon sweaters. Beautiful work!


:rose: So very nice to meet you! That Grinch sweater is so perfect :heart_eyes:


Hi, I love Ashleeโ€™s Furry Bowdeau Crochet Top pattern. :heart_eyes:


Hey Ashlee, Iโ€™ve been in love with your designs and dreamy pictures since before Ribblr. So happy that youโ€™re here too! :blush:


Beautiful designs!! And a fellow LOTR lover!! :clap: :purple_heart:


Hi Ashlee! Itโ€™s so nice to get to know you. :smile: I love your granny square cardigans, they are all so pretty! I love LOTR as well. :raised_hands:t4:


So nice to read about you Ashlee, and get to know you a little bit !
You made lovely designs ! :smiley: :heart:


Many lovely and unique things but my favorite has to be the Santa Grinch.


Oh my gosh same! :joy: I love granny squares too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Iโ€™m sorry to say (I still need to read them) I think that the Lord of the Rings is so maddening to me because itโ€™s about a ring! A ring that needs to be destroyed but apparently is so hard to do it? Maybe Iโ€™ll think different when I actually read the books, Iโ€™ve seen most of the movies because my brother loves the series and many things Tolkien (hope I spelled it right!) has written as well as his son. I just think itโ€™s so maddening just for a ring :sweat_smile: Iโ€™m probably crazy, but I love other series kind of like it so Iโ€™m not completely crazy :wink: itโ€™s just the ring concept that confuses me (itโ€™s quite maddening to me)

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your designs are amazing, i have to say the Grinch Christmas song from How the Grinch stole Christmas is one of my favorites, ;).