Ribblr of the Week: say Hiya to Georgia! 🏅

Say hello to Georgia @Crochetbyge26 the designer behind Crochetbyge, and our ROTW!

Hi Georgia! Tell us a little about yourself. :wave:
Hi, my name is Georgia, I’m 21 and from Liverpool in the UK! I recently just graduated from university with a degree in Psychology so, I’m taking some time off to focus on my crochet business before I decide on my career path! And I will hopefully be making some more patterns soon! I have 5 little sisters and I am such a family orientated person, so I’m excited to have some time off to create memories with them!!

When did you start crafting and how?
I have always loved crafting, I loved painting when I was little and I actually joined knitting club in school when I was around 6, so I knitted for a tiny bit when I was younger, but it was mostly squares and maybe a scarf. I also took art for my GCSE’s (in the UK these are exams you take in school when you’re around 15/16) so I was always painting and drawing! I didn’t start crocheting until lockdown in 2020, when I had lots of spare time so decided to knit a blanket, until my auntie told me about crocheting and I took to it instantly! Thanks to youtube I was able to learn so many techniques and new stitches.

And how did you start designing?
I watched a few youtube videos to learn some of the basics and then pretty much started designing straight away! I honestly struggled following patterns so at first, I played around with what I’d learned and started coming up with my own way to put things together. I honestly don’t have any of my patterns wrote down apart from my front-tie bralette, the rest are just in my head so I don’t quite know if they count as patterns exactly, but hopefully they will be on Ribblr soon!

That’s great! Do you have a favorite craft type and if so - why?
Crochet! It’s exclusively the only crafting that I do right now! Apart from the occasional sock knitting. Because I can crochet without looking now, it’s something for me to do whilst I’m watching TV, otherwise I just get bored!

What was the longest project you worked on?
My longest project was probably one of my Granny square cardigans, I think it took me a while because I got distracted, put it in a bag and then picked it back up a couple months later…

And the shortest one? (excluding frogging!)
I’ve made a few things in a couple of hours, like a bralette or something. But I did once make a full granny square skirt in a day which I was so proud about, but I probably shouldn’t be because that means I done nothing but crochet that day!

What are you currently working on? Be honest - how many WIP do you have right now? :sweat_smile:

I actually only have 1 WIP right now! It’s a bralette for my cousin, but it will probably be finished today! I finished 3 WIPs yesterday but I definitely prefer having 1 project at a time! But I have so many ideas that I’d like to work on so hopefully I can start making some new things soon!!

What is your usual process of designing?
If I have an idea, I’ll usually do a quick sketch of what I’m thinking and then make some colour samples to see what works! Sometimes I’ll write down what I’m doing so I can remember but honestly, I don’t do that as much as I would like!

And what inspires you to create?
I think it’s definitely the outcome, I’m such a project crocheter so I love seeing the finished make! I just think it’s crazy that we can take something like yarn and turn it into clothes or amigurumi using just our hands and a hook! I also love making stuff for other people so that motivates me a lot because seeing their reactions or receiving their messages is just amazing! I once had someone say ‘thank you so much for making my dream outfit’ and that makes me just want to keep doing it!

We definitely relate! :star_struck:
And now for some pop culture! Any favorite song, book or movie you would like to recommend? :notes:

I love Harry Styles’ music right now! And I recently just watched the new Elvis movie with my Nan who is a huuuuge Elvis fan and it was so interesting!! Definitely worth the watch!

Care to share a funny or interesting story that happened to your recently?
Earlier this year I went on holiday with my boyfriend, and we were waiting for a taxi when a man came up to us and starting chatting, he was saying he knew my boyfriend from somewhere but considering he’d never been to Lanzarote before we highly doubted it. Then he started saying he definitely recognised him and maybe he’d seen him in a film or a TV show!! My boyfriend is not an actor, so we kept reassuring him that he wasn’t in anything that he’d watched but he was adamant! After 5 minutes of this he told us to have a lovely holiday and went into the hotel. I often think I would love to know who he got him confused with!!

That’s really funny!
We gotta know- what is your favorite feature on Ribblr?

Literally all of them! Like I mentioned earlier, I really struggle with patterns, but Ribblr makes it so much easier for me! I love that on Ribblr, I can use my phone to read them and cross the steps off as I go! But as someone who sells their makes, I’m obsessed with the new selling makes feature, especially the lower fees and royalties to designers, so that has to be my favourite!!

And finally - pay it forward. Your shoutout to a fellow Ribblr!
I recently just tested for @Mrsmoonheaven but I am in awe of all of her designs, especially her Adena cardigan which I think is just gorgeous!!

Thank you so much for sharing :purple_heart:

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congrats on ROTW!


Congrats :tada:


Congrats I love Liverpool and the scouse accents even though I don’t live their Lol. Congrats on the ROTW and so excited to see more of your patterns.


Congrats!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::heart:


Hello Georgia, nice to meet you!
Congrats on ROTW!


Congrats Georgia @Crochetbyge on being ROTW! It would be so cool if one day you found out what actor the taxi driver thought your boyfriend was :rofl: