Ribblr PDF - do you sell the PDFs as they are?


When I intend to sell my patterns that I’ve made with Ribbuild here, I usually generate the PDF and copy+paste the parts into a new document to make it look a little neater (makes it easier with the reference pics too), but have you downloaded the PDF version and sold it as-is on for example Etsy?

I’m not sure what the response would be from buyers, and since it takes quite a bit of time to copy things over to a new document and formatting it, if it doesn’t matter to the customer, it would be much easier just to use the generated PDF.

Have you had any experience with this? I’d love to hear your input!


I haven’t had experience, but I know some people prefer PDFs over Ribblr’s E-Patterns (I prefer the E-Patterns.) If you had a pattern on Ribblr, though, I would see the PDF version selling on Etsy. You could download it and double check it to see how it looks, but you should be able to sell it as is. Hope this helps!


i only use the ribblr pdf generator for pattern testing outside of ribblr. its pretty bare bones and i feel like most people who purchase patterns from etsy want it to look a little nicer and more cohesive! plus its great for your brand to have your pattern give off the vibes of your business!


Thanks! I also prefer following patterns on Ribblr rather than PDF, but I sell some patterns on Etsy too; only that I re-write all of them into another document - you can sell the generated PDFs, but I’ve never sold an unedited version, so I wondered what the opinions were on them :slight_smile:

@smolpeaches I never considered using the generated PDF for the pattern testing! That’s a very nice idea :smiling_face: I’ll store it in my knowledge bank for when I move my testing outside Ribblr!
I agree with your opinion, which is why I wondered if someone actually sells the generated copy or not and if they’d gotten any feedback on doing that :slight_smile: I also agree that it’s a great thing to give off my business’ vibes! The problem comes when there’s so much to do, so little time :confounded: