ribbuild help! colour switches

hii, im trying to create a pattern that requires several colour changes. some of the pattern will have an entire row in colour c, and some rows require alternating between colour a and b. So I was wondering, is there a way to change the colour of the text in my pattern so that it matches up with the colours that i used? I’m tryna go for something like this (pls lmk if the image works) where the blue text are stitches that will be made with blue yarn, and the white text are stitches that’ll be made with white yarn.
please let me know if there’s a way to do this, or an alternative! thank youu


I haven’t seen differently coloured instructions, but some people have one colour in parentheses or surrounded by asterisks and the second colour normal


To start, you have to have your yarn set as col a and col b in your materials. Then, you can write it as:
R9: col a 13sc, col b 12sc. Col a slst to first st. (25 sts)
R10: col a sc, col b sc, * col a sc, col b 2sc * x4 col b 11 sc, col a sl st to first st (25 sts)

Once you put that in ribbuild, it should have little boxes that make the color changes stand out. To make sure you did it right, exit your pattern and then go back into it without having ribbuild on.

Hope this helps!:yellow_heart:


thank you so muchhh!! this is just what I needed


ooh i was thinking of doing that too if there was no other way, but thankfully another commenter mentioned a way to incorporate colours : ) thank you though!