Saying daily limit is reached

I keep trying to get the free daily patterns for the summer months but i havent been able to get yesterday’s or todays. I keep getting a thing that says daily free patterns limit reached. I haven’t been able to get any free patterns for 2 days, but i have 4 free patterns that i never wanted on my list a few days ago and cant get rid of them. What happened?


This happened to me too. @Ribblr


were they ones you were testing that were then gifted to you? Not sure if being gifted patterns you were testing counts as part of your limit, it could just be a bug :beetle::bug:


i don’t think gifted patterns count


You exceeded your limit yesterday. You’ll be able to get the free daily pattern later on today, when 24 hours have passed.


The same thing has been happerning to me. I get one free pattern then whent to get the other 4 and it says i have reached my limit. This has been happened for about 5- 6 days and it is very annoying. It seems with the new gimmicks on ribblr a lot of things have been messing up.


Thats what i thought but it was way past 24 hrs when i tried to get the free ones yesterday and the day before (for the summer) and never got either.


I was wondering if they did.

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i don’t think they do anyway, it may have changed

I have a similar issue, I am able to get three to four free patterns throughout rhe day and can only get thw fifth one in the evening (at least that is what it seems like). I also got some free patterns gifted (which I am very grateful for btw :blush:) and due to thede I was not able to get the summer pattern from yesterday at all :cry:

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