Hi Ribblr team,
I’m a knit and crochet pattern designer. I don’t have a niche so consequently my patterns are all over the place, hats, headbands, table runners, market bags, coasters, wall-hangings, etc. When I look at my store, I see a jumble of unrelated patterns that might be off-putting to anyone browsing. So that said, my suggestion is to add a feature that would allow designers to organize their patterns in sections or categories. For example, someone looking for a beanie pattern can find them in a section labeled “Beanies” without having to scroll through a maze of market bags, coasters, etc.

The sections feature could be a drop-menu with a list that designers can customize to their specific needs. I think the feature could be useful for sewing, as well as the fiber arts.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


I like that idea also.


I like that idea too. I dont have a specific category that my patterns fit into. I have home, clothing and a toy.


Non designers have also requested a way of organizing our libraries recently


I like this idea. For me I only design amigurumi pattern but it would still be cool to somehow organize them like I can on my Etsy shop.


I think this would definitely be helpful! or as an alternative maybe one testing section for “amigurumi” , “bags” , “clothing” etc


Love this idea


We have an automatic categorization feature that is based on pattern tags. These categories are unique for each designer and appear just on top of the patterns.
@Cloud9 Here are the categories the algorithm found for your shop:

Try clicking each tag and see what happens… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Hi and thank you for your response. I was pleasantly surprised about the hash tags; I had never tried clicking on them. But still, the feature doesn’t quite provide what I’m looking for. For example, I have no control over what hash tags are displayed and I use a lot more than the 5 shown so I’m thinking that the algorithm selects randomly, or maybe the most frequently used.

My suggestion is still on my wish list.


I think that would be nice to have so I can go through a designers shop seeing in sections I chose instead of all at once since there are a lot that I can miss with so much displayed in a shop! Especially if they have more that isn’t shown in the tags at the top of a shop :smile:


My sentiment exactly. I would like my shop to have a cohesive, organized look so I don’t scare off anyone browsing or shopping for a specific type of pattern.
Happy thoughts!


@Ribblr , Support :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Support Suggestions :raised_hands:
YES!!! Not only in Shops but in our purchased & fee patterns list. I have over 500 patterns now and it takes forever to scroll through to find one Im looking for. Even just offering maybe 10 sub-categories under the main “Crochet, Kniting, Tunsian, Sewing”.
My digital patterns I can actually store on my computer I have broken into the following sub-categories within each craft type:

  1. Help (stitches, techniques, hints, etc);
  2. Applique (motifs, sew-ons, non-square);
  3. Amigurumi (i.e. critters, toys, dolls, etc);
  4. Accessories (i.e. bags, belts, etc);
  5. Bedding (afghan, blocks, pillows, etc);
  6. CALs (Crochet Alongs & Roundups);
  7. Home/House (i.e. dishcloths, table stuff, wall hangings, knick-knacks etc);
  8. Inspiration (my ideas & how I get them);
  9. Wearables (i.e. shawls, sweaters, cardigans, gloves, slippers, jewelry, etc);
  10. Miscellanous (everything else);

At 70 years old, I have been crocheting & quilting since as young as 12, so of course I have thousands of patterns and I have further sub-categorized the above list into even more categories (10 each). But on Ribblr, especially when unable to acquire the PDF file, its extremely difficult to find one of the patterns (paid or free) I’ve added to my patterns, when desired.

Side note: #7 Inspiration is where I keep photos of the things that inspire design ideas. Here on Ribblr, it could be anything else since this is not an app like Pinterest where pics/ideas are stored.

I was thinking I could post a question to other users … what would your categories be if you could only have 10? Ha, ha.

Thanks for reading,
Bless you all,




Even if it just uses Ribbler’s already existing topics of amigurumi, accessories, clothes, etc… This would be incredibly helpful! I know if I’m looking for something specific, I can just do a search for it, but I like wandering through people’s makes and shops too; you find unexpected gems that way! Being able to sort the amigurumi from the scrunchies and whatnot would be super helpful

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