See trends on Ribblr?

Hi all, is there a way to see what’s trending or popular on Ribblr? For example on Ravelry you can look at all patterns and sort by number of favorites, projects, etc. I’m curious to see what other people are buying and selling to make sure I’m not duplicating others’ efforts. I want to focus on adding patterns that are unique and fill empty niches. Thanks!


Yes if you’re on the Ribblr homepage, whether it’s the app or website just scroll all the way down to see the trending patterns scrolling, alternatively I also consider the on our wishlist at the top of the Ribblr homepage to also be good for trending patterns

(Trending, scroll to bottom)

(On Our wishlist, on top of home page)

It’s not exactly like on ravelry with the sorting but I hope I answered your question :smile:


Thanks, that’s very helpful. Yes, I was hoping for something more specific like the Ravelry sorting options, but it’s good to know this is the best option.