Selling makes (probably not a good idea lol)

Okay so you all probably know that you can sell an item you made from a pattern on this app… BUT i thought that it would be really cool if you could put anything that you have crocheted on here (kind of like etsy) and if you go to someones shop theres two categories “patterns” and “makes” and under the makes category there would be things that they have made and are now selling! It would be so amazing like i would literally be so happy if they made this an option.
Like say i wanted to sell a triceratops but the pattern was from youtube
So i go onto ribblr and press a button that says sell your make or something like that, then it takes you to a page where you set up you know pictures and like a little write up on what it is and the price then you post it! (You could even put how many are left)


i think this would be great for ribblr and for the people who make items to sell!


I’ve seen this topic brought up several times, and a lot of people want this.
Unfortunately, I feel like this feature would be abused. When you make somethig using a pattern, the owner can mark it as do not sell. If there was a separate section for selling, people could just post these makes separate from the pattern.
Pattern makers like using ribblr because it gives them confidence that their patterns wont be stolen or that their designs wont be sold without permission; I think this feature would throw that feeling of safety out the window.


Sigh… yes it is true people would abuse this sadly… (and i guess it would invite alot of scammers onto this app) i just thought it would be so cool for those who do not want to sell on etsy or other apps


It might be possible to require a pattern link for all makes being sold. This way customers could make sure the pattern was open for selling finished works (and report those that weren’t).

I’ll be selling lace motifs and add-ons eventually, and I’d love to sell them here rather than shuttling that money to Etsy. Most of the patterns are traditional though, so I’m not sure how to accredit them.


Yes, this is something I’ve been wondering about/wanted for a while too!

@MissDaisies I think that would be a great solution. If there’s a traditional pattern, maybe the ones who released the pattern has it online somewhere, otherwise traditional ones that can’t be tracked would need to be the exception to this since it can’t be verified. You could maybe have an option of uploading proof that you own it to Ribblr, but I think that would give them more work than they can handle :sweat_smile: Plus that doing so in a way that it would be proofed to the public as well might break the nondisclosure clauses of the pattern :thinking:


Most traditional patterns are archived somewhere, so maybe an archive link would work?

Either way, I think placing the responsibility for placing the link on the seller, and giving the buyer the tools necessary to report ‘illegal’ pattern usage would cover the company legally. Plus, that could all be automated using the existing programming, so it wouldn’t increase company workload long term.


Re: Traditional patterns

Turns out that traditional patterns translated to modern terminology can be offered under a personal copyright (the translation counts as a significant change), so that bit is solved at least.