selling my makes

Hello friends , I’ve been trying to start selling my crochet makes i’ve been selling them to close friends and family friends . I want to sell to others that are not my friends or family friends but i don’t know how to . Any tips on how to start selling more ?


Depends what you want to do:
Customs/made to order? Internet.
Do you want to make what you want to make or just like making a lot of a particular thing? Street fairs, conventions, craft shows and things of that nature.
Patterns? Internet

As far as where on the internet, that depends too. If your making patterns you get here you can sell the make here. If not you can sell on Etsy. If you like doing animals maybe one of the furry sale sites.

No matter your choices there you’ll need to advertise though. No one can buy anything if they don’t know you exist. Either by building up a social media (takes time and know-how) or by buying ads (takes money)


You can sell makes through Ribblr as well! Instagram and Facebook are great places to grow a platform- for family, friends, and other potential people. As mentioned, you can sell locally at markets- or even look at gift shops around big cities/areas around you that may take local homemade goods. Our Goodwill even does this.


I sell my handmade items on Depop you should check out the app.