Sewing Patterns?

So, my mother-in-law gave me her sewing machine and some fabric, but i only hand sew and sewn (past verb i think is written like this lol) only lines and some … (i am literally having a crisis! I am having a lapsus, what are the borders of the fabric or clothes sewn to make them look nice? It’s not seams :face_with_spiral_eyes:)

What are some easy, extremely beginner friendly, free patterns i can make?
Thank youuu~

Edit: i just watched some tips on healthy hair and they said to use a silk elastic or something to tie my hair with made of silk, are there any patterns or tips you could give me? :pleading_face: :purple_heart:


Scrunchies are easy

FREE Scrunchie in 3 sizes: Sewing pattern | Ribblr?

Here is a step by step images

Face Masks are easy too

And here are some videos and downloads

This website has a varied selection of sizes you can download


So, you’re asking two things right?

Beginner sewing patterns on sewing machine and tips on using silk ties on hair?


Try Scrunchies pattern by Koba.Siani here on Ribblr. Use Satin fabric which is great for your hair!

Also start with a simole tote bag pattern.


Hi! So for the edges if your machine has zigzag stitch you could usa that instead of the overlock, the way you would do this is putting the edge of the fabric (try to have it as even as possibly and cut the excess threads) on the middle of the pressing foot and allowing one edge of the zigzag to not be on the fabric while the other one Is (as far away from the edge as possible, you can control this with the length, also try to have it as thick as possible, as close to Zero without it being too tight), this will make the stitch go around the fabric and give it a nicer finish. If the fabric Is too thin tho this might not work as well, in which case you can either make one fold and still zigzag over the edged part (the fabric edge, not the fold edge) or give it two folds in itself and just join the inner edge with a straight stitch yo keep everything together inside the folds.

If the edge is in a joint you could search french/english stitch/finishing (I heard the two names, idk wich one’s the right one.
On some fabrica zigzag sharp sissors might work or sealing the edge with a lighter or candle if it’s synthetic.
I hope I could help and was acceptably clear, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Also anything can be simple with the right explanation/tutorial… or lots of motivation :sweat_smile:

If you don’t get it right at first don’t be discouraged. You could try drawing free hand lines on (it’s called pellón in México) hard cheap fabric or cotton and try to follow them with thread on the machine to steady your pulse, keep the stitches as even and pretty as you can and just get to know your machine as well.


Oh this will definetly be fun :joy:
Thank youu!:heart:


Technically 3 things
-beginner friendly patterns for sewing
-tips for sewing
-silk hair ties patterns xD


I have a really old sewing machine and i think it has only one stitch, i will explore it, watch yt about it and ask my mother in law
For finishing i watched some youtube videos some time ago and saw the zigzag version and the scissors one as well. The scissors are easier but i dont have them like that (i used to have really cheap ones for paper in that zigzag cut tho xD)
What is an edge in a joint?
I am afraid to try a candle because i kinda still want to have a house knowing me xD
I have been doing some pellón (not sure how to conjugate it lol, first time i heard of the name) and somehow i got them pretty straight :smile:
My machine also has a pedal (i know not all of them do, the first machine i used was from a neighbour in my hometown. She had an automated one from work or sth and k ew i crochet and knit so she wanted to teach me to sew. The first line i ever made was so straight she tought i already knew xD) and it’s annoying if i start from the pedal instead of the thing that spins with the belt because it just starts sewing backwords for some reason ??
Thank you so much for helping me!:heart:


My nanny has an old singer. We still have it. She wanted to put a new belt on it but we never got around to it. I’ll have to try and fix it one day. She’s not here now, but it was one of her favourite.

All the machines I have at home have a pedal. I was gifted 2 real ones as a kid, one blue, one purple. I have no idea where they are though. We just use my nanny’s good sewing machine. Mum has her own, but it doesn’t get used


Maybe Check this website out. It might help


Aww that sounds so nice​:heart:
Maybe someday you will get to change the belt and use that one! I’m sure your nanny would love that :pleading_face: :purple_heart:


Thank youu!:heart:
When i have time i will try all of these suggestions :smile:
Hopefully starting tomorrow :heart:


Oh my gosh you have one of those?! :star_struck:


Yess my mother in law has 3 of them actually and gave me one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s so sweet! Maybe I can get one of her other ones :shushing_face::wink: (lol just kidding)


Library books or old books are great


you might try some of the youtube tutorials.