Shop page suggestion

Don’t know whose week it is to check on these, but you are earning your keep this week!
My suggestion would be to add the ability to arrange my pattern thumbnails in my shop. Not sort, arrange.
I would like for my similar patterns to stay together. When I end up needing to edit a pattern, it gets separated from it’s group. I either have to live with it, or unlist the whole group and add them back at the same time.
Being able to pull out public/private/testing is a great start, but as my collection grows, this feels like a bigger deal to have to scroll to find all the patterns in a group.


Oh that’s a really good one! I could see a lot of potential with being able to move your shop patterns with ease I wasn’t even aware that was the case it definitely sounds like something designers would like in their arsenal :smile:


yeah, the problem I have is like I have both knit and crochet versions of the same pattern and as everyone knows, I make my patterns in sets. So, if I wake up and think of a change in the way something is done on one pattern, and I edit it. That one pattern now gets separated from the group and placed somewhere else and well, yeah, I find it upsetting.


And that’s cause your shop is so organized and with many patterns, I didn’t even realize you did so much just to keep it like that! I hope this gets on the roadmap for Ribblr to consider, definitely would give designers an easier way to organize their shop with ease


if I didn’t have to take them down and put them back up again, I would do more. Now that I can sort out the private ones, that will be less of a burden to scroll past all the live ones to find them… but we are still talking 5-12 at a time and making sure that I put them back up in the right order and don’t miss one