Should I take a break?

As others have said, don’t burn yourself out! It can be really challenging when the line becomes a little blurry. Do whatever you want to do. Also I would love to find you on YouTube to see your future tutorials whenever they come out!:yellow_heart:


Tiyais Adorned Crochets is my YouTube. My train of thought is, all my patterns will be free through YouTube tutorials. But to buy the pattern will cost.


You should definitely take a break if you are overwhelmed! I, too, am the same way and at times I feel as if Im not doing enough or moving fast enough. It’s super easy to get burned out especially if you’re working and you’re a mom! You’re amazing for all of that truly.

But crocheting should be fun for you and not stressful! Don’t worry about growing your brand and just go out there and have fun. What’s that saying people always say? Rome wasnt built in a day lol so corny but true :joy: with time, you’ll build your brand.

And after your break, I’d say to focus on the content you already have and post those one at a time :blush: Im so excited to see whay you have coming!


I feel you. And thank you for the kinds words. I decided I will keep crocheting but break from everything else. So found out my son has pink eye in both eyes, ear infections in BOTH ears. And congested. I wanted to release my turtle tutorial tomorrow but I’m in mom mode.

So I was so stressed I created a new pattern.

But being a first time mom and all this just makes me want to cry.

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Perfect! I just subscribed! I will definitely be watching some of your videos


Next week my tutorial video will be coming out.