Similar patterns idea!

When looking at a pattern before purchasing it, I always find myself wondering what other patterns could be similar. @Ribblr should creates a feature where you could see similar or recommended patterns, almost like how you can see the current popular patterns at the bottom of the page. Example: you are looking at an Amigurumi bear pattern, but want a pattern where it has matching dungarees. You could just scroll down and find a few other patterns of Amigurumi bears, and you might find that dungaree bear! By creating this feature, it can save the long trip to the search engine, and you could find similar patterns faster.


Kind of like Pinterest or Etsy with the see similar, right? That sounds like an interesting idea but I wonder how they’ll be able to do it, or how that’s even done at all lol coding is a mystery to me :laughing: since there’s so many patterns that look similar/are the same type of things I think I would still prefer to use the search as I would be able to see every pattern I want of something specific like the bear instead of just some, but that depends on how it would implemeted :grin:


Kinda like amazon when it recoomends things based on what your looking at , i think this is a very good idea


I really like this Idea! Sounds like a good way of improving the platform


I think it a great idea to have patterns that are similar pop up as not every patterns had tags on them.
I’m finding so many patterns I never saw before when looking at people’s wish list.


I really like that idea! that would be very useful. like if you see a bee, but you think it’s really big and you want a smol-er bee then you could find a smol bee.