Simple question??? 1st Pattern released

I just released my first pattern on Ribblr. I have it for sale but wanted it to be free for Ribblr followers. I selected the box for Ribblr followers but not sure if it will give it free to a follower or allow only followers to buy it at that price?

Can someone follow me and see if it is free or if it is still charging?

I originally only wanted it to charge for outside traffic and non-followers.

:blush: thanks— any tips or suggestions is appreciated. This is kinda my first test on releasing patterns. After January I plan to focus on getting all my patterns uploaded, tested and published on Ribblr! I absolutely love this platform and the people on here :heart:


The followers only option means only those that follow you can get/buy the pattern, it has no affect on prices between those that follow or aren’t following, I hope that answered your question, if not let me know and I can try to explain it better :smile:


It’s gonna be available to buy only for your followers. You can just duplicate the pattern and then post it for free for followers and keep the payed pattern on sale for non followers


Thanks I will go in and change it then :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your explanation! This was very helpful. I changed it and put a note in the description for followers to message me for the special free offer/gift

I want to pay it forward to my community on Ribblr! I appreciate everyone here​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The thing about just having it free for followers and then having a separate paid pattern is that anyone can follow and grab the free pattern and then unfollow so they don’t have to buy the paid pattern,

so that leaves you with four options

  1. Free for followers (any anyone can follow and take the pattern then unfollow)
  2. Paid for followers (which will make it so people have to follow and buy it)
  3. Just free to everyone
  4. Just a paid patten that anyone can buy