single crochet x stitch and i are not getting along

hey all,

is it possible to make the single crochet x stitch (yarn under, yarn over) with chenille yarn? i am using sweet snuggles yarn. i’ve tried an unfortunate amount of times over several different tutorials, and it just does not look any different despite me following the instructions properly :smiling_face_with_tear:

does this just not work with fluffier yarn? could it possibly be some other issue on my end? for example, i do crochet with pretty tight tension AND i sized down a few hook sizes because i didn’t want this project to be super huge. i suppose it’s possible these circumstances could hinder the outcome of the stitch… maybe? i don’t know :confused:


By “not looking any different” do you mean not looking like an x?
If you’re following the instructions correctly it probably won’t end up looking the same as with thin yarn, just because it’s so thick


yes, that is what i mean! it doesn’t have the x effect at all :frowning: perhaps i’ll have to try a thinner yarn and see how that works out


I have days where I can’t get along with any stitch.


do you mean that the on Worsted Weight, you can see the visible x, whereas on chenille you can’t? I found that when I use YU, YO, with chenille, the single crochets never look like an X, and more like a diagonal line.

I usually use YO, YO with a smaller hook for plush yarn because of this!!


Me too lol I love your pic