Single pattern or separate?

Hello! I finished my Chip and Dale dino outfit pattern! I am waiting on my tester to finish before i post the pattern, but I wanted an opinion -

Should I post them only as the single pattern for both suits? Or should I also post a separate green pattern and purple pattern? I am not sure if someone would only want one.


It depends on how many differences there are between the two patterns, if there are only a couple differences, then I would say list it as one pattern.


I asked a similar question this morning as I have several different variations of a certain theme I’m about to publish, and I wasn’t sure if they should be together or not? I talked it over with family, and thought about it at great length. This won’t be my first “theme”, nor my last. For me? I’m going to publish them separately, BUT, I’m going to offer a sort of “Sale” or “Special”: customer gets all 3 for a specific period of time, for the price of one. If I do this every time I publish a theme, then my customers will, theoretically, get “used” to the practice and will learn to buy all three/four right out the gate. It also allows for a possible pre-marketing technique thru Pinterest/Instagram/FB to announce a: “Coming Soon!”, or basically: get ready to buy all three for cheap in the future. You’re dinos are really cute…the hats are completely different. I would publish them separate. ((You have creative talent!!))