sizing measurements?

Hey all! I’m really new to the ribblr community and I’m a little confused about sizing? On a few patterns I’ve looked at, and maybe I’m just unlucky, but there haven’t been any measurements. I’m a little hesitant to buy anything when I can’t compare it to my own measurements. I’m looking for a little more information than the S, M, L, XL sizing indicators give me.
Thanks for your time!


Hi and welcome to Ribblr! :purple_heart:
You should be able to take a look at a pattern before buying it using the’Look inside’ feature.
Can you share a link to patterns that didn’t have measurements?

You can always reach out to the designer to ask a question. Simply head over to their shop and click the designs by xx to get to their personal profile.


Thank you for replying so quickly! I don’t have the other patterns, but one of them was the autumn court sweater by dragon hoard designs. I messaged them on instagram and they fixed othe measurements!

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I can see that it is available on the pattern. Please check page 2 when using the ‘Look inside’ feature. There’s text & photos available :slight_smile: