Skill Level question for Ribblr

Hello my Ribblr friends,
Are there any plans to update the skill level drop menu when we are creating a pattern? At this time I only see Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. I’m always conflicted because many of my patterns fall somewhere between beginner and intermediate. I always feel that some crafters would shy away from any pattern labeled intermediate.

According to the American Crochet Association, there are 4 skill levels:
Beginner- knows basic stitches, no shaping, no color work,
Easy- knows shaping, special stitches, color work
Intermediate- knows complex shaping, color work, stripes
Experienced- knows graphs, intarsia, tapestry, complex stitches

I think it would be very helpful to designers and crafters alike, if those skill levels could be updated.


That’s a really good suggestion! I even loved the fact that you wrote what each crocheter level does! It does feel true when I was starting out that the pattern level showing intermediate almost scared me off, before I decided to test myself, only to find I had been doing that already, I just wasn’t aware of what level experience I had since I wasn’t exactly sure what they all meant!

For anyone who wants to read more about it here’s the link:


I’ve requested that myself. I thought advanced beginner would be good.


YES, What she said.

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that would be helpful


Hii, I think my level is intermediate. Because I do amigurumis and blankets and use different shapings and colors.
:blush: thanksss