Skin color blanket yarn?

I’m trying to find blanket yarn that most closely matches skin tones. Does anyone have any experience using the Bernat blanket yarn when making a person or mermaid where a skin tone color is used. If so what color did you use? I know i could order colors from elsehwhere that more closely resemble skin tones but right now im just looking for something I can pick up at Joann, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby because I have a market this next weekend and wanted to make a few mermaids.
Thanks in advance :blush:


I searched up some colors of the bernat blanket yarn and if you want a light skin tone maybe use vanilla and for a darker one maybe use the color baby sand.

I hope this helped :grinning:


Thank you! Those were actually 2 of the colors I added to my cart in the Joann app lol.