small suggestion about deleting posts and comments!

a small suggestion, but i think when comments or posts are deleted, it should actually make the post or comment disappear instead of saying (post deleted by author). of course it’s not the end of the world, but it would just be a better way to declutter and stuff like that


I think a better option would be to put it on a timer, like a 7-day grace period. I know some people (myself included) can struggle with organizing and remembering conversations and important details within posts.

Even when a reply or post says “post deleted by author” it allows me to see in active conversations and help recall what may have been discussed, or that I indeed did reply to that particular topic (I’m not sure if this is making sense). Either way, it just helps to understand as well if it’s an older topic that there may be gaps in conversation, etc. Though I can see if there is a lot (or if a topic is nearly immediately deleted) of missing content it may make sense to just have the topic or conversation auto-removed.


I agree!


That is exactly how it works :slight_smile:
So a post would show deleted for a while before it is actually removed. It is done automatically and makes things a little clearer.