So frustrating

I feel like in these past months I’ve fallen out of love with crochet. I’m not sure if it’s from moving or what, but I can’t bring myself to finish projects. It’s not because I don’t want to either. I really want to crochet.But I can’t stick with one project. Maybe I just need some new inspiration :heart:


I am currently feeling the same way :pleading_face: I have made a start on designing 5 different patterns at once and instead of finishing the ones I have already started, my brain would prefer to start another new one. I am not sure why. I’d absolutely love to finish these other ones I have started but I just can’t bring myself to do them :white_heart:


When I feel like this, I often try a different craft to refresh my brain. I’ll do a painting or try some resin etc.
It may be worth trying something creative byt not crochet.


I’ll try that! I have lots of bracelet string maybe I’ll do that instead!


I hope it helps for you. By the time I finish I’m normally itching to crochet something. Sometimes I’ll also do quick crochet makes for the fast gratification of finishing.


I’m failing already :grinning: I found a design I love but I’m crocheting it :joy:


Well if it’s fast and quick.
Cro jo is not as paralyzing for me because of a game I’ve played in my mind since grade school.
There were many things that were boring or felt like torture doing. But “It must be done! There’s a cause and effect for everything. Blah blah” while inside I’m squirming inside or scarfing the dinner to get the heck away.

I learned to do just 5 rows/rounds of those boring SC, and do the other project I like for 15-20 minutes. Repeat, sometimes I get in the zone, and I keep going on the boring one.

I can do anything for 5 minutes, and if it gets intense I start breathing in through my nose and blowing out my mouth. Works really well when I feel temporarily trapped.


i recognize this feeling! i always make tiny-yarn-scrap-projects that i want to finish! maybe i could help for you too! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


You may just be bored. You could try something outside of your comfort zone. A challenge. Like if you normally do ami in fuzzy yarn, try a shawl in lacewieight, make a doily in thread. Get out of your rut and find something new to love about your craft.


Good idea! I’ve been wanting to try making something other than ami.


I feel that way sometimes too! I also find that after I finish all of my schoolwork for the day, I want to relax and watch tv instead of crocheting. I think that I good thing to do would be to find something quick and simple to work on. I recommend using chunky yarn for an easy project, because you will end up with something bigger (and I always find that I feel more proud and motivated after I do something large).