So I got called A Karen

I remarked on a cat clip some people thought was funny of the cats hissing at each other and the following conversation ensued.


It reminds me of when someone called me a millennial snowflake for saying chickens need love and care. I have a huge dislike for those who disrespect animals. Especially ones in distress . :frowning:


Especially the ones in distress.

A Proverb by Solomon

Good people are good to their animals;
the “good-hearted” bad people kick and abuse them.


This happens all the time in every pet space. My friend got called a child for commenting proper hamster care on a BAD video with hamsters being wrongly kept.
Some people would rather call you names that properly take care of the animals dependent on them and its devastating.
Try not to let them bother you and keep sharing positive care instructions. If one person sees it and improves their pet care you’ve done a big good :green_heart:


Chicken are literally social animals and even purr like a cat, how can anyone not think they need love? :sob:


It didn’t bother me they called me a “Karen”. I actually thought it was funny AND I liked my clap back. :wink:
It has to be said anyway, the animals are telling you what they need but people don’t listen.


They later mentioned the fought roosters, and theyre disposable. At that point I just blocked them because I decided it was not worth reply to after one response. its so sad because my chickens are so lovely and they do purr and some are even ticklish. They even gave me a chicken name, lol its the one peep i couldnt figure out what it meant for the longest time and apparently avian species tend to “name” their humans. :sob:


I laughed so hard at that, i wish i had a quick wit like you for those situations lol


I wasn’t that quick witted when I was younger but now I’ve aged like a ultra fine hunk of cheese!


Yeah, I block animal abusers too. No point trying to get through to them, they simply don’t care.
I used to volunteer with over 150 chicken of different origins and breeds and it was amazing. We housed about 20 ex battery hens at a time and those were the most loving babies, along with the pekins. Chicken are so good, I miss them so much.


Wow, I think she was the Karen, not you. You are right, animals under our care, like children, need supervision and their needs met, otherwise it’s like torturing them. If you can’t meet your pets or outside animals needs, you shouldn’t have them, they depend on you.